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    We help you Invest and Grow your money, better.

How do we do it ?

Our free guidance based platform enables you to invest your money,
monitor your investments, get insights and advice on your portfolio on a regular basis.

We also guide you, to ensure that your money is invested in a planned manner, keeping the following in mind.
Beat Inflation

We help you beat

If your money is in a Savings account or Fixed Deposit, you may actually be losing money

Life Goals

Plan to meet your
Life's Goals

Invest your money in the right growth assets to meet your future needs


Ensure you have a
diversified portfolio

We plan to make sure all your 'eggs' are not in one basket like Real Estate or only Equity ?

Do you leave your monthly savings in your bank account ?

At current inflation of about 8%, a savings acc with 4% or FD with 6.3% return, actually reduces the value of your money.

Do you want to know where you should invest your money ?

There are various investment options which can give you returns ranging from 9 to 15% per annum.

Are your investments tax optimized ?

You can save upto Rs 45,000 via Section 80c and more via sections 80CCE, 80D etc

Are you saving AND investing enough for the Future ?

Will you have enough money for your children's education and your retirement ?

Are you taking advantage of a Diversified Portfolio ?

Your portfolio should have a mix of Equity, Debt, Gold and Real Estate assets for optimal Growth and Safety.

Do you think you can retire with a corpus of Rs 100 crores ?

Sounds too much ? Ok how about Rs 50 crores ?

If you are 25 years old,
and If you invest Rs 15,000 per month,
increasing at 10% and with a return of 15% per year

At FINQA, we help you decide

WHERE and HOW much, you should Invest your money


Direct Equity || Mutual Fund || Insurance || Debt (FDs / Bonds)

How does it work ?


Understanding your Requirements


Creating an
Investment Plan


Starting your Investments


Monitoring and Reporting


All year round Advisory

Start investing instantly with our FREE Plan

If you have an existing demat account, you can get started with your investment easily right away.
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Online Investments Instantly
  • Online Platform
  • Instant Investing
  • Guidance / Validation
  • Regular Reporting
Rs 2,500 One Time Fee
Monthly Savings + Tax Savings Plan
  • All in Free Plan +
  • Risk Profiling
  • Tax Saving Optimized Investment Plan
  • All year Advisory
  • Income Tax Filing
  • For 21 - 25 years old or
  • Salary range of 3 - 15 lakhs
Rs 6,000 One Time Fee
Goal based Investment Planning
  • All in Starter Plan +
  • Existing Portfolio Review
  • Goal Based Investments
  • Upto 3 goals e.g. Buying a house / car etc
  • Stocks / Equity Advisory
  • For 25 - 35 years old or
  • Income range of 15 - 50 lakhs
Rs 14000 /-
All inclusive premium service
  • All in Investment Plan +
  • Financial Planning (All Goals)
  • Retirement Planning
  • Active Portfolio Monitoring
  • For 35+ years old or
  • Income > 50+ lakhs


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