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We provide Information about Mutual Funds, Guidance and Recommendations on which mutual funds to buy, along with an Online Platform to buy mutual funds online in India ( And also for NRIs in select countries )

Information and Knowledge

  • Learn All about Mutual Funds and How They Work
  • Different Types of Mutual Funds ( Equity, Debt, Liquid) and what’s best for you
  • How does a SIP work ? Which are the best funds to Invest in  ?


  • How much should you invest in Mutual Funds via SIPs ?
  • Planning Tax Saving Investments
  • Investing for various goals like Buying a House, Children’s future, Retirement etc

Invest Online 

  • An Online Investment Account for Investing in Mutual Funds / SIPs.
  • Start your SIPs in ANY of the schemes from the 40+ Mutual Funds companies in India.
  • Monitor your Portfolio and Transact online via the website or mobile App.

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