How Much Money Will Your Family Get If You Died Tomorrow ?

Or discovered that you had early stage cancer ?
Or if you had an accident and were out of work for 6 months ?

These are uncomfortable questions and most of us brush it aside thinking that “It will happen to others”. However, did you know that almost 2 persons die every MINUTE in India on account of a road accident ? Source: Wikipedia

While we don’t mean to scare you, but accidents do happen accidentally as no one can predict them.

That’s why you need to have a pure life insurance cover plan, also known as a Term Insurance Plan.

The purpose of an Insurance product is to protect your family and NOT as an investment product.

However, most people end up buying expense money back / endowment / ULIP insurance products which not only destroys the value of your money but also leaves you severely under insured.

Think about it – How much insurance do you pay for your Car ?

Now think back and see how much do you pay for your own life’s insurance ?

Buy a Pure Term Insurance Plan Today If you Haven’t Done so Yet.

Our advisory service includes:

  • Review of your existing expenses, savings and investments.
  • Calculation of your Future Needs
  • Recommendations on amount of Insurance cover you ought to have
  • Recommendations on Insurance Products you should buy to ensure that cover

Get Yourself Insured – Sleep Well at night knowing your family is fully protected.

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