Who is FINQA for ?

FINQA is anybody who earns money, and would like to invest and grow it better, to achieve their financial goals.

Our primary focus is on providing unbiased Investment Advice and Management services to our clients.
FINQA’s services are especially suitable for those :

  • Who are financially aware but would like to learn more and Invest their money better
  • Busy professionals who need a single point of contact for managing their Investment needs
  • Folks who want to Invest for the long term in a planned manner
  • Have a significant lumpsum of money but it’s just lying in their bank account
  • Who want to diversify their portfolio across Asset classes (Equity, Debt, Real Estate, Commodities
  • Have significant debt and would like to plan their finances better

FINQA is not suitable for someone who is looking for ‘stock tips’ or abnormally high returns in a short time period.

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