first time investor logoWho is a First Time Investor?

You are a first time investor if

  1. You have recently started working and earn a salary.
  2. You are able to save some money every month.
  3. You are less than 30 years of age.

What do we help you with ?

At FINQA, we help first time investors with

  1. Learning all about money, savings and investing – You get a copy of our book ‘The Blueprint’
  2. Help you create a Financial Plan so that you invest your money with a plan.
  3. Get started with an online investment account and provide ongoing advice.

Why do I need to sign up ?

  1. So that you can start investing confidently
  2. No on will be able to mis sell you any financial products that aren’t suitable for you
  3. The earlier you start, the more wealth you can create in life.

Sounds good but
How do you help me do all of the above ?

Here is how we can help and the stuff you get after you signup.

  1. The Blueprint Book has 50 chapters on the essentials of investing  – Read and Learn
  2. A digital Investment Planner to create your own financial plan
  3. Determine how much you should ideally be saving per month
  4. Invest those savings in a mix of safe + growth assets to grow your money better
    { PF / PPF / RD / Mutual Funds / NPS / Gold / Real Estate etc }
  5. Plan on creating a sufficient sized Emergency Fund (If you don’t have one currently)
  6. Ensure that you have sufficient pure life (term) insurance cover
  7. Identify financial goals and how much you need to invest for them
    { Buying a house, children’s future, retirement etc }

+ You get to ask unlimited questions for a period of 1 month on any aspect of personal finance that you may have.

Cost: Rs 1500 ( Note this is only for individuals who are 30 years or younger )

Click on the button below to complete payment and signup.
It will be one of the best investments in knowledge you will make.


Not sure about signing up ? Call 9650065242 for more details.

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