Do you want to invest Rs 100,000 per month ?

Start a SIP in Equity Mutual Funds. Over the next 5 to 10 years you can create significant wealth.

Here is how much your money can grow at the rate of ~12% per annum if you invest Rs 100,000 per month.

  • After year 5, you can have: Rs 85 lakhs
  • After year 8. you can have: Rs 1.65 CRORES 

If you continue doing this, you can have the following amounts in:

  • Year 10: Rs 2.4 CRORES
  • Year 15: Rs 5 CRORES
  • Year 20: Rs 9.6 CRORES
  • Year 25: Rs 18 CRORES
  • Year 30: Rs 32 CRORES
  • Year 35: Rs 58 CRORES

Imagine if you are a 25 year old who has the money and starts investing Rs 100,000 and continues to do it till you retire at the age of 60 – Your savings per month can grow from Rs 420 lakhs (100000 x 12 months x 35 years = Rs 420 lakhs) to Rs 58 crores over 35 years

That’s the magic of compounding and investing in the Equity asset class on a regular basis over a long term period.

Note: The 12% return is a conservative assumption as Equity as an asset class has given a return of 16 – 17% per annum over the last few decades. However, there is no guarantee that it will grow at such rates hence the 12% assumption.

Start a SIP in Mutual Funds. It will be one of the best things You Will Do.


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