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Where should I invest my money ?

There are numerous avenues of investments including Equities, Different Types of Mutual Funds, Bonds, Bank and Corporate Fixed Deposits, Real Estate, Gold etc etc.

Do you struggle with this question find yourself wondering¬†, “Where and how should I invest my Money ?”

If yes, then our Investment Planning Advice service can help you.

There are two primary types of investments we can help you with:

  • Recurring Investments:¬†Planing your ongoing savings.
    • Let’s say your salary is Rs 1 Lakh per month out of which you save Rs 50,000 per month. If you just let it lie in your savings bank account, you may feel very good about the fact that you have a ‘fat bank balance’ but it’s not the best place for your money as it sits there earning just 3-4% interest per annum.
    • This service helps you with a plan for where you should be investing your monthly savings.Our plan will recommend asset classes and the amount of money you should invest in various products based on your risk profile.
  • Bulk Investments:¬†Managing and growing your existing savings.
    • Let’s say you have saved up Rs 10 Lakhs in the last two years. Since you weren’t sure where to invest it, you created fixed deposit with the assumption that you will generate an 8% return. However, in reality your returns will be around 6.3% as FD income is taxable. With the current rate of inflation, your savings have actually lost value by sitting in an FD
    • Our service provides you with an investment plan based on your risk appetite and target return. Let’s say your risk profile is moderate and you would like to generate a return of 12%. We will create an asset and product allocation plan accordingly so that it meets your requirements

Our Investment Advice Plan costs Rs 6000 for investments up to Rs 25 lakhs.

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