At FINQA, we help you Manage, Invest and Grow your Money Better, in a safe and planned way for your specific needs. Here’s what’s included in our services:

1.) LEARNING all about Money and Investing – Stuff that you should know about and what mistakes to avoid. (E.g What products NOT to buy or invest in )

2.) PERSONALISED ADVICE  and Recommendations for YOUR specific Needs ( Not generic gyaan )

  • E.g. How much you might need for your Retirement / Pension Fund, Children’s education / future, etc
  • Where you should invest your savings, including a mix of Equity Mutual Funds / Stocks / Bonds / PF / PPF / FDs / Gold / Real Estate etc.

3.) STARTING YOUR INVESTMENTS  Create Your Free Investment account, get KYC and ECS Mandates done, so that you can start investing online.

You also get ongoing advice and answers to any questions you may have all year round via Phone, Email or WhatsApp. We charge a small one time service fee of Rs 1000 for the above services. Click here or on the green signup button below to Signup and Get Started.

If you know how much and which mutual funds to invest in, and are just looking for a free online platform for investing in mutual funds, click here to open a free online investment account and get started >>