Start A SIP

A SIP In Equity Mutual Funds Is One Of The Best Ways To Grow Your Money

  • A SIP is short for Systematic Investment Plan
  • A SIP is not a financial product but a process of disciplined investing.
  • You can have multiple SIPs in different mutual funds
  • The minimum amount for each SIP is Rs 1000 and there is no maximum amount
  • There are No Lock-In Periods and You can withdraw your money anytime (Except Tax Saving SIPs which have a 3 yr lockin)
  • It’s recommended that you invest for a duration of atleast 5 years
  • There is a one time KYC process before you can start
  • Returns range from 7% to 15 – 20% based on Liquid / Equity Funds

Here Is What Needs To Be Done To Start A SIP :

  1. You first need to determine how much you want to save and invest every month (e.g. Rs 5000 per month)
  2. Select the Mutual Funds Suitable for your SIPs ( We suggest the best funds from the 1000+ funds in India )
  3. Select a day of the month when your money will be invested ( E.g. 2nd of every month if your salary comes in on the 1st)
  4. Sit Back and Watch Your money Grow.
  5. Review every year to ensure Asset Allocation / Monitor Fund Performance

At FINQA, we create a free online investment account for your, understand your needs, suggest the best funds for you and start your SIPs to achieve your financial goals.

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