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What Will You Get From A Financial Plan ?

Most of us live as if we are immortal and are never going to die. We also behave as if accidents won’t happen to us, or we will continue making enough money to take care of future needs. Consequently a financial plan is the last thing on somebody’s mind who is not aware of the […]

What Would You Do With Rs 20 Crores ?

Imagine for a moment, that you have won a lottery of Rs 20 crores. What would you do with it ? We ask this question quite often during the corporate workshops we conduct, and very few people know what they would with such a large amount of money. This is because most folks don’t really […]

How Does a Financial Plan Help You ?

Knowing the destination and then traveling the journey is always simpler… Knowing the disease and then curing the problem is always better… Knowing your prospective partner well and then getting married is always merrier… Aiming for a result and then working towards it is always easier… Likewise, being aware of your financial condition and then […]