Thank You for your interest in getting a Financial Plan. A financial plans helps you invest your money in a planned manner and ensures your investments are geared to meeting your goals. In addition, it answers some of the questions below :

  • Savings – Am I saving enough or should I save more ? ( You might find that you can also spend more if you are over saving )
  • Identifying how much you may need for various goals
    • How much will you need for your retirement corpus
    • How much would you like to save for your Childs’ Future education / other needs
  • Determining where and how much to invest your savings.
    • Creating a diversified portfolio across PF / PPF / Fixed Deposits / Mutual Funds, Real Estate etc
  • How much term policy you should have to protect your family ?
  • How best to pay off your loans ?
  • Where and how to start investing ?
  • etc etc

Our Investment Advisory service answers all the questions above and creates a personalised financial plan for you.

There is a one time fee which ranges from  Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000 for this service.

However, we charge Rs 1000 for an initial consultation call to determine if you really need a comprehensive financial plan for your requirements. Based on the recommendations of the consultation call, if you do decide to get a comprehensive plan, then the balance is payable AFTER you have received the plan and are satisfied with it.

Please click here or on the green button below to pay the service fee and schedule a consultation call. Please call us on 96500 65242 if you have any questions.

If you don’t need advice and are just looking for a free online platform to invest in mutual funds, you can click here to start investing online,