Thank You for your interest in making Tax Saving Investments.

There are multiple products in which you can invest for saving tax ( E.g. PF / PPF / Term Insurance / ELSS Mutual Funds etc )

However, your primary objective for investing money should be to invest with a plan and grow your money best AND the Tax Savings should be an added benefit.

E.g. If you are making tax saving investments and need the money after 5 years, then you should NOT be investing in PPF as PPF has a lockin period of 15 years. However, PPF is a good option if you don’t have PF and have no other investments in the debt asset class.

Similarly, ELSS mutual funds have a lockin period of only 3 years and have the highest rate of return, but they can also be riskier than PF of 5 year FDs.

Unfortunately, most people don’t invest in a planned way and instead buy products in a hurry.

Also, if you are a first time investor, you probably have a lot of questions and apprehensions about investing in the right products and making sure you don’t make a mistake.

Our Investment Advisory service will not only help you with Tax Saving but also the following:

1.) Learning all about money and investing and stuff that you should know

2.) Understanding your requirements, your savings and then suggesting the best options for you to get started with

3.) Creating your online investment account, getting your KYC done and starting your investments.

Our ongoing support via Phone, Email and WhatsApp will ensure that any questions you may have will be promptly answered.

We charge a one time fee of Rs 1000 for this service.

Please click here or on the green button below to signup and start investing confidently. Please call us on 96500 65242 if you have any questions.

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