The Finqa PRO is suitable for those individuals who want one or more of the following

  • Learn more about Investing ( and what mistakes to avoid )
  • Plan and Invest to meet specific goals ( like Retirement, Children’s future, Home, etc )
    • How much and where to invest for achieving those goals.
  • Grow their money aggressively but also ensure safety of corpus
  • Take the maximum advantage of Tax Saving Options

As a Finqa PRO investor, you get the following:

  1. Hard Copy of our book on Investing called ‘ The Blueprint’
  2. Phone Consultation calls and a personalised Investment plan which outlines
    1. Where and How much money you should invest.
    2. Optimised for Tax Savings
    3. Ensuring you and your family are Financially Protected
  3. Creation of a Free Online Investment Account to Start your Investments
  4. Ongoing Guidance and Annual Support / Review
  5. You can Call / Whatsapp for answers to any money related questions you may have, all year long

How much does it cost ?

There is a one time fee which will depend on your specific requirements.

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