Do You Know What You Don’t Know ?

Probably not – How else would you know what mistakes you may be making while managing your money, Or what opportunities you maybe missing to grow your money better.

That’s what we do at FINQA  – We look at your personal scenario (income, expenses, savings, goals etc) and create a personalised investment plan – So that your money grows better. And your future is financially secured. (No, you don’t have to retire at 60 – You can get financially free much earlier)

And oh yes, it doesn’t matter how much you earn because everyone can benefit from financial planning –  the earlier you start, the bigger an advantage you have.

If you aren’t sure about the answers to some of these questions, or don’t understand some of the terms, you should get in touch.

  •  Do you have an Emergency Fund ?
  • Saving Enough For A Sufficient Retirement Fund ?
  • Is Your Portfolio Optimally Diversified ?
  • Is Your Money Growing AND Beating Inflation ?
  • Do You Have Adequate Term & Health Insurance

Talk To Us. You Just Might Find Something That Will Benefit You Immensely.