Most of us live as if we are immortal and are never going to die. We also behave as if accidents won’t happen to us, or we will continue making enough money to take care of future needs. Consequently a financial plan is the last thing on somebody’s mind who is not aware of the importance of financial planning.

You get answers to various questions while creating your Financial Plan.

  1. Know your real networth – If you don’t know how much you are worth, how will you grow it ?
  2. Knowing how much to save, how to save, and most importantly, where to invest those savings ?
  3. Making sure you are sufficiently insured –  if something were to happen to you, will your family be taken care of ?
  4. Making the most of your money. And growing it to meet your dreams.
  5. Working enough so that you can live life (Instead of just living to work )
  6. Financial Health Assessment: What’s working and what’s not working for you financially ?
  7. Cash Flow Analysis: Are you saving enough ?
  8. Insurance Planning: Do you have the right cover ?
  9. Investment Planning: Are you getting the maximum returns ?
  10. Tax Planning: Are you overpaying your taxes ? Can you save more taxes legally ?
  11. Children’s Expense Planning: Can you fund their education ? Or their olympic dreams ?
  12. Estate Planning: Will your children have to pay taxes for your property ?
  13. Retirement Planning: Will you have enough money during your golden years ?

Everybody should have a personal financial plan. And the earlier you start planning, the better it’s for you. Talk to us.

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