Will You Grow Old Before You Grow Rich ?

Do You Know, What You Should Know, But Probably Don't Know, About Managing & Growing Your Money.

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1.) Saving Vs Investing

-- The First step is to Save Money.

-- If you don't save, you won't have anything to Invest.

-- Inflation can destroy value of your savings over time.

-- Investing grows your savings and multiplies via the power of compouding over time.

-- You should first save a part of your income, and then spend whatever is left.

-- Instead of spending first, and then saving whatever is left, Save First.

2.) Create An Emergency Fund

-- Size of your emergency fund should be 3 to 6 times your monthly expenses.

-- It should be held in Fixed Deposits / Liquid Mutual Funds

-- To be used for unexpected expenses so that your planned expenses / investments don't go haywire.

-- If you don't have a liquid emergency fund, this is the first thing you should create.

3.) Protect Your Family

-- Are you the primary income earner in your family ?

-- How much money will your family get if you suddenly die ?

-- You should have a pure 'Term' Life Insurance

-- The cover amount should be between 10 to 20 times your annual income.

-- E.g. If you earn Rs 10 lakhs, then you should have a policy of atleast 1 to 2 crores cover.

-- Don't buy ANY other insurance products for investment.

4.) Learn About Money

-- How inflation destroys your wealth over time

-- The power of compounding to grow wealth

-- The difference between saving and investing

-- The risks involved in investing money.

-- How diversification and asset allocation grows your money safely

-- Planning to save taxes.

5.) Plan Before Investing

-- Identify and set financial goals. E.g How much will you need for your retirement fund ? Or for your child's education / future needs.

-- Determine how much you need to save & invest to meet those goals.

-- Invest in the right asset classes (Equity / Debt / Real Estate / Gold etc) accordingly to meet your short and long term goals

-- Monitor your portfolio annually to check your progress.

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