You might be wondering why you need financial advice, and more importantly why you need to pay for it. Read on.

Why You Need Financial Advice ?

We are all taught to earn money, but we aren’t taught to manage and grow our money – It’s a shocking fact but true.

And there are lots of stuff that you don’t even know, that you aren’t aware of, but should be.

If you really want to grow your money better and avoid making serious financial mistakes, you should be aware and invest in a planned manner.

Ok, Why Should I Pay For Financial Advice ?

Most people get their financial advice from their friends, family or the ‘friendly’ bank manager or local insurance agent.

Advice from friends and family is well meaning but it’s not necessarily always the best for you. ( e.g. Put your money in FDs – its best and safe OR Don’t invest in Equity because it’s risky )

The bank earns commissions on every product they can convince you to buy – And usually the RM’s have high pressure targets to sell you products which earn them the highest commission – Those products are usually not good for you.


When we answer a question for you, our focus is to provide an unbiased and personalised answer, suitable for your requirement.

And also to make you aware of stuff, that you should be aware of, but may not be.

Here are some sample questions – If you don’t know the answers to these, we strongly recommend signing up for our service.

  1. Am I saving enough ? How much should I ideally be saving ?
  2. Why Should I Invest My Money ?
  3. How Does Inflation Destroy The Value of My Wealth ?
  4. What is a Financial Plans And Why I should have one ?
  5. What are my financial goals and how to calculate / achieve them ?
  6. Will be rich enough when I retire ?
  7. How to achieve financial independence ?
  8. How to plan for children’s future ?
  9. What is Term Insurance – And why it’s very important
  10. Which Health Insurance to buy ?
  11. Which financial products to avoid ?
  12. Should I invest in government products like PF, PPF, NPS etc ?
  13. Should I buy Mutual Funds ?
  14. Or Should I buy direct stocks ?
  15. What is Asset Allocation – And why it’s super important ?
  16. What should my asset allocation be like ?
  17. Should I buy physical or e-gold ?
  18. Should I buy a house or continue to rent one ?
  19. How to save tax legally ?
  20. How can I review and manage my portfolio ?

etc etc etc

Signup – We Guarantee it will be worth the investment of Rs 5000.

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