Human beings are funny. We don’t mind spending Rs 5000 for a meal at a fancy restaurant but will haggle with the vegetable vendor for Rs 5 !!

Similarly, while we tend to splurge on certain areas, we also try and save on stuff we should not be doing.

Here are some things which you should get of the best quality of, and why:

  1. Mattresses: Think about it. We spend almost 30% of our lives sleeping on one. Yet, we don’t buy the most comfortable or optimal one. A bad back will will be more expensive in the long run than a good mattress
  2. Shoes: Our feet are the most under appreciated part of our bodies and they take the maximum stress. Show your feet some love and buy comfortable and reliable pair(s) of shoes. Yes, if you are thinking of running or walking, investing in a proper set of trainers will save you a lot of injuries in the long term
  3. Underwear: If they aren’t comfortable, they will make your life miserable. Enough said
  4. Water Purifier: Do we really need to say why clean and pure water is important for your family. Get the best that is out there.
  5. Toothbrushes: Poor dental health is not just about painful teeth. If you have bad teeth, you can’t chew food properly, which often leads to indigestion, which in turn leads to weight gain/constipation and a host of other problems. So yes, brush after every meal or atleast twice a day. And change your toothbrushes regularly before they fray out.
  6. Fruits: Fresh seasonal fruits are a great source of healthy calories and fibre along with being tasty. If you think fruits are expensive, try and think of that last drink or meal you had at a restaurant which left you hungover and bloated the next morning. Suddenly, they wont seem very expensive.

Aim to plan your life financially so that you can live life to the fullest, enjoy doing what you do and make the most of your money.


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