FinQA is short for Financial Questions Answered.

As an individual who earns money, you probably have

Questions About Money

  • How and Where Should I Invest My Money ?
  • How Much Should I save for my retirement ?
  • How Should I Plan For My Child’s Future ?
  • Should I buy that insurance plan which the agent is suggesting ?
  • Should I put my money in PPF / Sukanya Samridhi or Mutual Funds ?
  • Which are the best mutual funds to buy ?
  • etc etc

How Does Finqa Help ?

We answer any question that you may have about money.

The key difference is that our answers are tailored to YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION.

What’s right for someone is not necessarily right for you.

So before you invest your money or buy a financial product get a second opinion.

We guarantee you will not only save money but also potentially avoid mistakes.

How Much Does The Service Cost ?

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Here are some potential examples of Questions You Can Ask

  • How Can I Invest My Money In A Planned Manner ?
  • How To Achieve Financial Independence – How Much Do I Need ?
  • What Are The Best Products For My Childs’ Future ?
  • How So Save / Reduce The Taxes That I Pay ?
  • Bonus – What to do with your annual bonus ?
  • Should I upgrade to that car ?
  • Can I afford that international vacation
  • etc etc

It’s always better to get an unbiased second opinion before you spend a significant amount of your money.

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