Thank to Flipkart, it’s apparently #BigBillionDay – where one can supposedly get insane discounts on stuff online at Flipkart.

Unfortunately, the move seems to have backfired a bit for Flipkart as the twiteratti are in a tizzy because most of the stuff is sold out or out of stock (Never mind the 404 errors)

However, one joke caught our eye. It said, ” How to save Rs 10,000 ? Go to flipkart, and add products worth Rs 10,000 to your cart. Save Rs 10k because by the time you go to checkout, they will all be either sold out or out of stock. Voila, you have just saved Rs 10k 🙂 “

Jokes apart, stop getting caught up in the frenzy of online sales just because of discounts and buying products you don’t need.

E.g. If you were planning to splurge Rs 12,000 today on something you don’t really need but just wanted, it would be worth about Rs 8 lakhs in 30 years (if it’s invested in the right place earning a return of 15% per annum )

So yeah, think about it – On one hand, you have the likes of OLX and Quikr exhorting you to sell your ‘used less’ stuff and on the other hand, you have the likes of snapdeal and flipkart asking you to buy more shit which you probably don’t need (but yes, definitely make the most of discounts on stuff that you need 🙂

Here is something more to think about.



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