As time progresses some things just get better..

Red wine gets an enhanced taste while aged cheese is so much more tastier. Women tend to look more beautiful and generally men tend to get wittier. Don’t you agree?

Now what’s with Money?? It grows.. grows with time…( or atleast its supposed to if invested properly)

But why does it Grow ?

Because of the power of Compounding

So what exactly is compound interest ? Its earning interest on interest already earned. In other words, your interest on savings also earns interest.

Suppose you deposit some money in your account today, there will be an increase in the value of it after a year. And, that’s because it has earned interest.

The journey to wealth can begin with even keeping aside the smallest amount each day.

Rs. 15000/- invested per month for 20 years can turn into more than Rs 1.13 crores.

On the contrary, if you left it in a savings account, it would be worth something in the region of Rs 36 lakhs.

And the best part about enjoying the power of compounding is:

  • You don’t have to be rich to see its benefit; but you can become rich in the process
  • You can start from today; so why not start now?
  • The more time you give it, the fatter balance you can enjoy with, later.


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