It can be very easy (or hard ) to start a systematic investment plan or SIP in mutual funds in India.

There are two parts to starting SIPs in Mutual Funds Online

  • Identifying the right Mutual Funds you want to start SIPs in.

  • Execution or the actual process starting your SIPs / investments online

If you don’t know what funds to buy, our advisory and guidance service can provide recommendations suitable for your needs. You also get all your questions answered so that you can start investing confidently.

For starting your investments  we help you with the following

1.) Create an online investment account to start your SIPs

2.) Complete your KYC verification if not done ( required as per Govt. of India regulations )

3.) Once your account is activated, you can simply login and setup your SIPs (It’s as simple as buying something on Flipkart)
Or we can initiate your SIPs for you and money will get deducted automatically every month and get invested.

With your online investment account, you can do the following:

  • Buy or start a SIP in any funds you wish to invest in
  • Sell any funds incase you need money anytime
  • Change funds if you wish to at the click of a button
  • Get a centralized performance report of ALL your funds at one single place (very helpful if you invest in multiple funds)

No more paperwork or running after agents and signing multiple forms to get your investments done.

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