On the 10th of March, Google’s CFO Patrick Pichette announced that he is retiring to ‘spend more time with his family’. Read his complete letter here.

On the surface, it seems very touching that he is finally making time for his wife (as he has been working ‘straight for the last 30 years’ and it was time to do what he wants to do)

As the top finance guy at Google, he can well afford to do it. However he represents less than probably 0.01% of the world’s population who are in that financial bracket.

The question is, Can you afford to do it too ? And when ?

Financial planners and advisors plan and advise you to save for the future. It’s a good approach but it should ideally not compromise your quality of life today.

Most people live as if they will never die and hence continue living for ‘tomorrow’ – “We will travel when we are older“, or ” We will buy that dream house after a couple more years” or “Let’s save for your children’s international education” etc etc.

Are you living today or just existing ? What are you working so hard for ? Why are you earning money ?

Apart from the obvious answers, you should take some time to think a bit more about the questions above.

This is also the reason why we advocate a planned approach towards investing your money.

Most of our clients start with this question,

“What is the best place to invest my money ?”

There is no one single answer that will be applicable for everybody.

As individuals,we all different needs, dreams and aspirations and approach takes into account, some of those factors before recommending investment options for you.

So yes, go ahead, spend a little more – On stuff that will make the quality of your life richer while investing your money in a planned manner so that your future is secure too.


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