Most people usually seek out a Mutual Fund Advisor for help in selecting the best funds.

However, there is more to the value that a good Mutual Fund Advisor provides.

There are different types of Mutual Funds like Equity, Debt, Arbitrage, Liquid etc which have varying returns and are suitable for different investment objectives.

+ One should ideally be investing in mutual funds to meet goals like

  • Creating Wealth

  • Saving for your Child’s Future

  • Downpayment for buying a home

  • Retirement Corpus / Achieving Financial Freedom

  • or any other specific goal.

A good Mutual Fund Advisor will

  • First Understand Your Requirements and Risk Profile
  • Help you put a number target for your goals
  • Suggest a diversified and risk managed set of funds
  • Keep you updated and do annual reviews
  • Answer any ongoing questions and support that you may require

A relationship with a financial advisor is not a one time affair – You will require their services more often than you think so choose with care.


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