Everybody usually talks about the best performing mutual funds and how their money grew by a fantastic %age in just one year.

Just as folks like to boast about the stocks that made them money but stay silent about the ones in which they lost money, most Personal Finance Advisors also don’t really like to talk much about the worst mutual funds.

So why are we talking about the worst performing mutual funds over the last 5 years in India ?

That’s because ‘Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market Risk’ 🙂

Yes, you can lose your money, and pretty badly too if you pick AND stay invested in the funds for a long time.

Take a look at the two images below.

The first shows the 10 worst performing mutual funds over the last 5 years.

Worst Performing Mutual Funds

The second one illustrates how much money you would have lost over the last 5 years if you had stayed invested. Your monthly investment of Rs 5000 per month or Rs 3.05 lakhs would be currently worth Rs 2.05.

DSP Black Rock Mining Fund

If you are not sure of which funds to invest in, please get professional advice. It’s better to pay a nominal amount now rather than lose a lot of your capital later.


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