By now, you have probably heard about Urvashi Yadav, a lady in Gurgaon who has turned entrepreneur with a ‘chole kulcha’ stall to make money and financially support her family after her husband met with an accident and is currently bed ridden.

It all started as a Facebook post on one of the groups in Gurgaon and took on a life of its own as smaller media outlets picked up her story till mainstream media blew it out of the park. Hindustan Times had a pretty telling headline, ” Gurgaon woman who owns Rs 3cr house, SUVs sells chole-kulche on road “

Such was the virality of the posts that one lady posted online, “Can someone share the location of the brave lady in Gurgaon who runs a chole kulcha stall to support her family? Want to try her Chole Kulcha and support her.”

Soon enough, thousands of people were sharing her story online and hundreds even made the trip to her stall in Sector 14 market , Gurgaon to sample her food, posting rave reviews and congratulating her on her dignity of labour and initiative to support her family.

It’s been an interesting experience watching it blow up from a small story on a Facebook group to front page news in a leading national daily.

However, a lot of people now seem to be getting tired with some of them even accusing Urvashi of trying to cook up a sob story to promote her business (“Why does she need to sell Chole kulcha in a stall if she lives in a 3 crore house and has SUVs” or “What’s the big deal in what she is doing? Lakhs of people do it every day? etc etc )

While you maybe getting tired of the constant sharing of the same news article ( or the headline, “Crorepati woman sells Chole Kulcha to save family from Financial crisis”) there is a lot we can learn from the entire incident.

1.) Dignity of Labour

Unfortunately for us in India the concept of dignity of labour is not very prevalent – No work is too big or too small and we should do whatever we do with pride. Kudos to Urvashi Yadav for taking this brave step – And if you are smirking at reading this, remember, most of us in her position would probably not be able to do what she is doing.

2.) It can Happen to Anyone

One reason why the media is covering this article so extensively is because they think she is a ‘crorepati’ with a 3 crore house – The house is probably owned by the family and the SUVs were probably bought when her husband was earning well. Neither she nor her family thought this could happen to them.

That’s why they are called accidents – because they happen accidentally and no one plans to make them happen.

3.) How Prepared Are You ?

Just because one has a house worth Rs 3 crores and a SUV worth Rs 25 lakhs means nothing – It just means a lot of your net worth is locked up in  illiquid, non-income generating assets.

Most of us in India are unprepared for the current and the future. Think about these questions:

1.) How financially secure will your family be if you suddenly died tomorrow ? How much money will they receive from Insurance? Will it be enough ?

2.) Do you have a large enough Emergency Fund ? How many days will you survive if you suddenly lost your job ?

3.) How much money will you need when you retire ? Will you have a large enough retirement savings fund that can give you a regular income / pension ?


As a financial advisory firm, we ask our clients, these are other questions on their financial preparedness almost every day – And their level of preparedness and answers are sometimes horrifying.

India is a nation of savers but a lot of us are financially unprepared:

  • We don’t have any / insufficient term life insurance cover
  • A lot of the younger folks don’t have emergency funds
  • We love buying and locking our money in real estate
  • Retirement is far far away and it its too early to save for it
  • We buy LIC and other insurance policies without really understanding what we are getting into – though we do get the feeling that since we have bought ‘some insurance’ we are secure for the future

It may sound like scare mongering but it’s not – Don’t wait for an accident to wreck your life financially. Talk to Us.


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