Imagine for a moment, that you have won a lottery of Rs 20 crores – What would you do with it ?

We ask this question quite often during the corporate workshops we conduct, and very few people know what they would with Rs 20 crores if they got it.

This is because most folks don’t really think they can make so much money…and since they can’t think of making that much money, what’s the point of thinking what they will do with it.

Over a period of time though, with financial planning and investing small amounts of money every month, you can create a large amount of wealth.

E.g. If you are 30 years old, and start investing Rs 20000 per month and increasing by 10% every year in Equity assets, which give you an average return of 15% per annum, by the time you are 57 years old, you can have roughly about Rs 20 crores

So whether its about buying that dream home, a luxury car, retiring early with a comfortable monthly income or even about getting the best return on your investments, start thinking first what you will do with the money and then invest accordingly.


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