You may have come across advertisements showing a healthy old couple traveling to exotic locations around the world – The pitch is usually by companies selling ‘Retirement Plans’ and goes something like this – Invest in our product and you can retire rich and can travel when you are old.

The unsaid message seems to be – Save now so that you can travel later.

We disagree.

The time to travel is NOW

The time to chase experiences is NOW

The time to make memories is NOW

The time to do crazy stuff is NOW

The younger you are when you start traveling, the more exposure you have to the world around you. Not only will you be much fitter and can hence enjoy a variety of experiences, the stories you will have for your grandkids will be all the more richer.

Think about it – Have you been Skydiving ? or Bungee Jumping ?

If you won’t do it when you are 25 or 30, how likely are you to do it when you are 60 ?

Most old folks (60+) don’t really seem to enjoy traveling very much – There are health issues, they get tired quicker and can’t walk much and have fixed preferences about the food they want to eat.

+ there is the possibility that some of us may not even grow old ( Yeah, accidents happen accidently)

We don’t mean to be morbid, but please go enjoy yourself now when you have the chance because time does fly and before you know, you probably won’t feel like traveling much.

Some of you might have this question, “I want to travel the world but how do I pay for it ?

Start small

– If you don’t have too much money, save a small amount every month and go for a week to some of the cheaper countries in Asia. Or better still, travel in India – We have snow, the desert, the ocean and thick forests all here in our country 🙂

– If you want to go to Europe, maybe saving for a 2-3 years might do the trick. Check out this goal someone has for the World Cup 2019 in London

You can either save via recurring deposit or start a SIP in Liquid Funds.

If your goal is 3 to 4 years away, investing in a SIP for Tax Saving ELSS funds maybe a better option as you get better returns + the advantage of tax savings.

And before you think that as your Financial Advisor, we are offering reckless advice to spend your money on traveling now, we would like to reiterate that like everything else in life, the key is in maintaining a balance.

Live today like you may not be alive tomorrow, but also save and invest just incase you live till 90 🙂

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